Rubber Mallet Comics Open All Week! Fireworks are for Night Time!

Rubber Mallet Will be open it’s normal hours all week for the 4th of July. That is Wednesday & Thursday from 10-7 and Friday and Saturday from 11:30-5. We want everyone to have a safe and happy holiday – and to have some comics to read before it gets dark!

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Free Comic Book Day Deets and Advice

BANNEROkay, folks, it’s happening again! Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow, Saturday, May 4!

Some advice: The West Pittston Cherry Blossom Parade will start lining up at 11 AM and marching at 12 noon. This means Wyoming Avenue, from the Fort Jenkins Bridge to just a few blocks from our shop will be closed.

Our doors open at 10AM, and I’d hate for any of you to be stuck getting around the parade traffic because I forgot to tell you about it. We will close when everyone is gone, which is usually about 5-ish.

Three free books to everyone, even the lookie-loos. Three more with purchase. When they’re gone, they are gone.

Huge sales that’ll take the sting out of the free books we didn’t have. (I hope!)

If you have an account with us, we can still order in stock FCBD books if they’re still available from our supplier, so don’t give up hope!

Remember that this is a family event and be courteous to those around you.

Looking forward to seeing you all then!

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Free Comic Book Day Saturday, May 4

PhotoCollage-and-Logo_730x464So, this Saturday will be our eighth FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (FCBD)! That means it is also our SEVENTH anniversary! Because of this, FCBD is a special time for us and to thank all of you for being such awesome customers for so long, we will be running our biggest sale of the year.

How big? How about this:

1. In-stock Graphic Novels/Trade Paperbacks/Hardcovers …. HALF PRICE!
2. In-stock Non-Vintage Back Issues … $1 each!
3. In-stock Variants/Blanks/Signed books … HALF PRICE!
4. Action Figures and other items reduced to CLEARANCE PRICES!
5. Clearance Comics only a QUARTER!

As always, we will set up our canopy outside (effectively making our store 50% bigger!) and will have our free books and quarter books outside. We will have a limited number of our new t-shirt for sale.

Three free books for everyone who comes by and another three with purchase.

The free books limit does not apply to “DCs YEAR OF THE VILLIAN” one shot. We will be giving a free copy with any purchase at the register! I mean, unless they don’t want what looks to be a pretty cool book.

All of this is while supplies last, of course. Hope to see you all!

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Scranton Comic Book Convention – Sunday, November 11

Just a quick announcement that we will have a stand at the Scranton Comic Book Convention on Sunday, November 11. It is located at the Radisson Lackawanna Steamtown Station (700 Lackawanna ave, Scranton, PA) and doors open at 10 AM. There will be door prizes and guests and costumes are welcome! more information can be found at

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October 27 is Halloween Comicfest, which means we will have special FREE COMICS for the getting PLUS an EXCLUSIVE Star-Lord Funko Pop (not free, but reasonably priced)! All while supplies last!

But the sale starts today! And it continues until November 3, (because Wednesday is Halloween, which seems like it should be included in Halloween Comicfest, right? And then it seems unfair not to extend it to the end of that week!)

Sale details:

  • $1 Back issues!
  • 30% or more off all Toys/Action Figures/Statues and other non-comic in stock merchandise.
  • COMIC BOX BLOWOUT! All in stock Illustrated Boxes $7
  • Come in costume on Saturday or Wednesday and get 10% off regularly priced items!

This will be our last big sale until after Christmas, so stock up on stuff now!

See you there!

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WDDSaturday, October 13, is WALKING DEAD DAY!

That kooky crazy zombie apocalypse world rebuilding comic that has been around for FIFTEEN YEARS now! It seems like just yesterday that people who didn’t know about the comic started watching the show, doesn’t it?

There will be FREE WALKING DEAD COMICS! (while supplies last)

There will be FREE PINS for anyone who buys anything WALKING DEAD! (while supplies last)

There will be FREE MASKS for anyone buying more than $10 worth of WALKING DEAD stuff! (while supplies last)

There will be special BLIND BAG reprinting of your favorite issues of the comic throughout the series, all with new covers drawn by famous comic artists from all over! Each BLIND BAG could have one of several different versions of these artists creations! Knowing Robert Kirkman, there’s probably some really rare crazy stuff in those bags that we’ll all find out about on Bleeding Cool in a week or two!

On top of that, we will be running our world famous $1 back issue sale AND a 35% off ALL IN STOCK hardcovers and paperbacks!

Remember, the sale starts on Wednesday, October 10 … but the special books won’t be on the shelve until WALKING DEAD DAY on Saturday, October 13!

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We are Open July 4th, normal hours!

Hi Malleteers!

We have had a lot of people asking about the Fourth of July and WE WILL BE OPEN! WE WILL HAVE NEW BOOKS! OUR HOURS ARE UNCHANGED ALL WEEK!


There is a rumor that we will be open at midnight, and that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! lol. I just can’t do a 19 hour work day now that I’m fifty. Sorry.


Batman and Catwoman can get married when we open at 10AM as far as I’m concerned. 😉


Thanks everyone, you can return to your regularly scheduled life…

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Anniversary Sale Starts Today!

Free Comic Book Day May not be until until Saturday, but our big anniversary sale starts today! Half price graphic novels and dollar back issues … plus specially marked action figures and other stuff!

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Free Comic Book Day at Rubber Mallet Comics on May 5, 2018! Doors Open at 10AM!

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Email Fixed … now you have to do something…

Hi Everyone!

The email system is fixed. Good news! I sent a test message out to all my subscribers and it went through perfectly. I titled the email “A Test of the Rubber Mallet Comics email System … and your subscription list.”


When my email got to my mailbox it was bounced to spam, which is probably going to happen to you. Check your spam and your trash and hopefully you’ll be able to mark our email address ( as “not spam”.

Thanks everyone!

  • Chuck
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