Image Plus Magazine – with Negan!

STL008847Image is producing a monthly magazine consisting of interviews and previews of new books coming out in the concurrent issue of PREVIEWS.

On top of that, Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard will be telling a serialized story of Negan from the Walking Dead in every issue. 4 pages of original story, not to be collected for a very long time. In a book for $1.99

Tell me that isn’t awesome!


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Just read … Harley Quinn Suicide Squad April Fools’ Special

Jim Lee’s art is, as alwsys, great. The story was good, but the big thing is that THIS is the prelude for the post-Rebirth Suicide Squad starting in a few months, with what I think is a very interesting premise…


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Just read … Batman Superman #30

Tom Taylor is becoming one if my favorite writers. This was the last issue of a self contained Batman/Superman in space story, and he hit all the right notes with both lead characters.


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Just read … Doctor Strange #6

I have been a fan of Doctor Strange in comics for a long time, but thus new series keeps blowing me away. Magic is a tough thing to write without it solving the problems it causes, but Jason Aaron has a perfect grasp of the costs and benefits of magic. The art by Chris Bachalo is Perfect! Just friggin’ perfect!

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Just read … avengers Standoff: Alpha

Nice art, great dialogue. This is the prelude to what will be Civil War II in the Marvel Universe, but it already has a strong cast and a very accessible premise. Good guys fighting bad guys will ensue!


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In-store Comic Convention Kickoff and traffic warning!

Today we open at 11:30 and the Convention live streaming starts at noon. We currently plan on closing at 5 as usual, but will adapt if we need to.


The Pittston St Patrick’s Day Parade will be blocking the roads in Pittston from about 11 to whenever, so plan your route. 🙂

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Just Read … Howard the Duck #3


This is the conclusion to the first story of this new series, and I’m happy to say I have enjoyed it quite a bit.

It isn’t the original Howard. But it is funny satirical and sometimes sweet — which is at least somewhat like the original.

This Howard is rooted in the Marvel Universe more than he used to be. The fires he faces are familiar to readers of other books, but maybe in a lighter tone. That’s actually an welcome change.

The Gwen-pool back up story was good but a little to short.

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Walking dead #150 variant covers announced

BIG NEWS FOR WALKING DEAD FANS! This week, Image Comics has decided that Walking Dead #150 will have 3 additional variant covers (A variant cover is the same issue with a different cover than the standard one).

This means that in addition to the already solicited Walking Dead #150 Adlard cover (standard) and the blank varia nt there will be a cover by Tony Moore, Ryan Ottley and Jason Latour. You can see them all here:
If you have an account with us we can add these books to your list if you email me at (include your full name in the email). 

If you don’t have an account with us, why not start one?

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Just read … Paper Girls 3

This story just gets better and crazier. Set in the 80s, our heroes are a group of newspaper delivering teen girls. Aliens? Dinosaurs? Robots? Time travelers? At this point it could be all that or something else completely…

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Just read … I Hate Fairyland #2

  Unyielding carnage perpetrated by a little girl trapped in a fantasy wonderland for 37 years drawn by one of the best “cartoony” artists out there today. What’s not to love?

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