Update for Rubber Mallet Comics

First off, let me tell you how awesome your support has been. Your understanding and patience has meant a lot to us. Plus, you turned a very scary week into a much easier one for us. Hopefully we can continue the Delivery and Mail orders until we get through this time. You should all know that we are very confident in our continued survival as you local comic shop and see no reason we can’t return to normal after this is all over.

That being said, our distributor (Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc) has decided, rightly I think, not to ship books with a release date April 1 or later until further notice. I don’t know if it will be a few weeks or months at this point. The important thing is to reduce the financial impact on the comic shops that are under much stricter guidelines than we are.

So this will be the last week with new books for a little while.

But we can still order from the items Diamond has in stock and of course we have a lot of issues, toys and supplies in our store and would be more than happy to deliver or mail orders during this time (if it is in compliance with emergency guidelines, of course). We are working on an online store system and I’ll let you know where it is when we are up and running.

But down to business. Our procedure going forward is:

1. You request an invoice from us for the books you have in stock. Let us know if you want delivery, mail order or have us hold your books for now.

2. We send you an invoice and a link to PayPal that you can use with or without a PayPal account.

3. Once the invoice is paid for we mail the package or add your delivery to our route. We will send the mail as soon as we can and as cheaply as we can.

As for our delivery area, if you can wait a few days and your order is more than a few books, we will deliver anything anywhere to our loyal customers within a county or two. I’ll probably start local and move to the further locations later in the week. I don’t mind a drive!

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