Update: No more curbside deliveries.

RMCOVIDUPDATEAs per the somewhat stronger requests from the Governor of Pennsylvania – and just seeing what is happening elsewhere, we will no longer do the curbside pickups, as it is important that we maintain as little interaction as possible until things change.

That being said, we will continue delivery drop-offs (as long as you feel the books will be secure on your doorstep until you get them and mail through the USPS is still an option (if you are willing to pay the postage).

We still prefer PayPal prepayments prior to delivery or shipping. Again, this is to minimize our contact. PayPal does not require you to open an account with them, you just need to use a credit card.

If you prefer us to hold your books but would like to pre-pay towards them, you can send money through PayPal, using our ID:  rubbermalletcomics@gmail.com

I have tweaked the COVID-19 T-shirt a bit to make it a bit more fun. You can order it here:


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