Rubber Mallet Will Be Closed for Two Weeks

I doubt this comes as much of a surprise to anyone but in accordance with the urgent request of the Governor of Pennsylvania, Rubber Mallet Comics will be closed to customers for at least the next two weeks.

Right now there is the possibility that deliveries of new comics will be suspended, but I won’t know about this week until sometime on Tuesday, March 17.

So what can we do? We need to limit social interaction for your safety and mine … which sounds like a science fiction story. I hope when this is over we will think we took too many precautions and it’ll seem funny.

That being said, we do need to keep the business going. According to the mandate of the state, delivery is still a viable option.

The easiest would be via the Post Office. We would be happy to work up an invoice for you, email you an invoice and accept payment via PayPal (our PayPal ID is: ). It can be for just the books you already ordered, or for any other books we have in stock that you wish to add. We will mail them no later than the next business day after we get your payment. The shipping costs will be only for the postage.

The key right now is to minimize the amount of face to face interactions (as much as I wish this were not so!) That’s why phone and internet communication and electronic funds are key to accomplishing this.

I realize right now we are asking you to do more than a customer is expected to do for a business. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Stay well!

Chuck Rowles, Owner
Rubber Mallet Comics

About rmcomics

Comic Shop owner, writer, artist, publisher
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