Free Comic Book Day Saturday, May 4

PhotoCollage-and-Logo_730x464So, this Saturday will be our eighth FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (FCBD)! That means it is also our SEVENTH anniversary! Because of this, FCBD is a special time for us and to thank all of you for being such awesome customers for so long, we will be running our biggest sale of the year.

How big? How about this:

1. In-stock Graphic Novels/Trade Paperbacks/Hardcovers …. HALF PRICE!
2. In-stock Non-Vintage Back Issues … $1 each!
3. In-stock Variants/Blanks/Signed books … HALF PRICE!
4. Action Figures and other items reduced to CLEARANCE PRICES!
5. Clearance Comics only a QUARTER!

As always, we will set up our canopy outside (effectively making our store 50% bigger!) and will have our free books and quarter books outside. We will have a limited number of our new t-shirt for sale.

Three free books for everyone who comes by and another three with purchase.

The free books limit does not apply to “DCs YEAR OF THE VILLIAN” one shot. We will be giving a free copy with any purchase at the register! I mean, unless they don’t want what looks to be a pretty cool book.

All of this is while supplies last, of course. Hope to see you all!

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Comic Shop owner, writer, artist, publisher
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