WDDSaturday, October 13, is WALKING DEAD DAY!

That kooky crazy zombie apocalypse world rebuilding comic that has been around for FIFTEEN YEARS now! It seems like just yesterday that people who didn’t know about the comic started watching the show, doesn’t it?

There will be FREE WALKING DEAD COMICS! (while supplies last)

There will be FREE PINS for anyone who buys anything WALKING DEAD! (while supplies last)

There will be FREE MASKS for anyone buying more than $10 worth of WALKING DEAD stuff! (while supplies last)

There will be special BLIND BAG reprinting of your favorite issues of the comic throughout the series, all with new covers drawn by famous comic artists from all over! Each BLIND BAG could have one of several different versions of these artists creations! Knowing Robert Kirkman, there’s probably some really rare crazy stuff in those bags that we’ll all find out about on Bleeding Cool in a week or two!

On top of that, we will be running our world famous $1 back issue sale AND a 35% off ALL IN STOCK hardcovers and paperbacks!

Remember, the sale starts on Wednesday, October 10 … but the special books won’t be on the shelve until WALKING DEAD DAY on Saturday, October 13!

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Comic Shop owner, writer, artist, publisher
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