Happy Anniversary — To Us!

We opened in April of 2012, but for us, FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is our Grand Opening Anniversary. That’s the day we were fully up and running, and we haven’t stopped since!

So, the sales we have on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY are actually our ANNIVERSARY SALE, and they start on Wednesday, April 30 and end on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, Saturday, May 3.

What will they be? Well, you could just come in and find out!

I mean, should I really tell you that we’re going to sell all graphic novels for half price? (That is, except for the ones that are already only $5, of course!)

Would it be better to keep it to myself that Action Figures, Statues, Games and other collectible memorabilia will be 30% off?

I worry that letting everyone know that the books in the back issue boxes will be reduced to a whopping $2 each will cause a stampede to our store Wednesday morning that may scare our neighbors.

So, you know, keep it under your hat. Only share this information with everyone in the world. Thank you.



About rmcomics

Comic Shop owner, writer, artist, publisher
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