nancyThe most special time of year is coming … MAY 3 IS FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

Along with our special sales, local comic artist talent offering sketches and signatures on their work, we like to march with the folks for the Cherry Blossom Festival in West Pittston … and we want more marchers this year than ever!


Here are the details:

Wear any comic related costume and you can join us. If you’ve ever read a comic, you’ll realize there is really no limit to what you can get.

The line up is between 11AM and noon at Cenera Auto Parts on Exeter Avenue in West Pittston. We’ll be the people in either Rubber Mallet Comic t-shirts or costume.

The parade is about 2 miles long and ends at the Cherry Blossom Festival on Susquehanna Avenue — AND THIS IS IMPORTANT — you need to arrange a ride from the Cherry Blossom Festival┬áto … well, hopefully to our store to hang out and have fun! We just don’t have the resources to shuttle people back to their cars.

Martha will be organizing it this year, and will be at the store before 10:45 am to help anyone who needs directions. This might be a good time to coordinate a ride with another marcher. *hint*

…and we’ll be giving a little something to our volunteers in the parade.


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Heads up! Some of the order is missing this week … The rest comes tomorrow

UPS apparently mid shipped a box or two on us this week. They found it and we WILL get it tomorrow, but not until the afternoon. This includes Marvel’s Moon Knight #1 unfortunately.

The books take a little bit to sort, and if you can’t stop at the store twice this week, you may want to stop by later than usual tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Open today (Saturday, Feb 15)… of course!

We are open now and I think we will close at our normal time of 5PM. Roads are sloppy and wet and I don’t blame you (much) if you stay home. But I am here nonetheless!

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Open now … Almost on time!

Remember yesterday I said I would get here early? Lol! We all thought that was funny, right? Anyway, back to business…

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Store will be closed all day today Thursday, February 13

Yep, we aren’t going to open. Not because it’s that bad right now, but because the accumulation at my house coupled with lackluster road clearing means I might not be able to get home tonight!

Sorry folks! I will probably open early on Friday!

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Snow Tomorrow … Will we be here?

Short answer: It’s not looking good.

This morning the forecast was 4 inches or more, now some places are saying 10 or more. If the road I live on is unplowed or if my car is buried, there is just no way I’ll be in on time, if we get 10 inches and I have no confidence I can clear it by early afternoon, I’m going to take the day off.

My advice is to plan on seeing us on Friday or Saturday this week. Or run in now … we are open one more hour!

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Weather warning for the end of the week! Stock up on comics!

So, by the end of the week we are certainly going to have a blizzard or some snow or nothing at all. But are you going to take the chance that you will be snowed in WITHOUT comics!?

We open at 10 AM ON Wednesday, and the place that sells bread milk and eggs is right across the street.

Mmmmm …. French toast and comics!

Be prepared. Buy extra comics this week. That way you are prepared when eight foot snow drifts surround your house and you want to ignore it properly.

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Made it. Now shoveling.

Shoveled my house out. Now I gotta get the store shoveled out.


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Make it 11:00 today

Digging out is taking longer than if hoped, and I’m not even at the store yet. I think I’ll be able to open at 11:00

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Will we be open on new comic book day

So, the question no one is asking is if we will be open tomorrow, since we are supposed to get three hundred feet of snow (or something like that).

The new books have arrived, and my minions and I have sorted them and they are all ready. The timing of the shipment between snowstorms was fortunate for us.

Right now I think I’ll get there on time. If the roads are prepared by 9:30 it isn’t a long ride for me.

But we may open late. We may close early. Stay tuned to this page or twitter feed for updates.

I will do whatever it takes to get there without risking my life or my car.

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