Black Friday Sales Run From Now Until Jan 3

We aren’t really having a Black Friday Sale. We are having a sale that started on Wednesday and runs until January 3. I call it my Holidays Sale – because, you know, there are a ton of holidays during this time.

  • 30% off graphic novels
  • 20% off action figures, statues, games, calendars, wallets, shirts … whatever we got, or can get before Jan 3
  • Our clearance comic back issues have been reduced from $1 to 50 cents each.

I don’t do Black Friday only sales because I know there are some folks pushing through crowds and don’t need to rush over here on Friday, and because I would rather everyone get a chance at some great deals instead of just those with one day off.

I am open now, by the way, so you don’t have to wait until 11:30 ;)

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No power, no phone

The power just went out on our street, so I’m sitting in the dark and can’t receive calls. But I can still sell books and process cards.

If this goes on too long I will close. Especially once it goes dark. I’ll keep all y’all posted.

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Yes, we are open!

Just in case you weren’t sure. I’ll post here if I feel I need to close early, but I doubt I will. The roads are wet, the visibility is not great, but if you need your fix of comicy goodness, I’m here!

Plus, this is the first day of our Holidays Sales! 30% off all hardcovers and paperbacks, 20% off all action figures and statues, and our $1 boxes of clearance comics have been reduced to half a buck apiece!

Also, starting now until the forseeable future, all current back issues in the boxes in the front of the store will be HALF PRICE! Holy smokes!

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

- Chuck

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Holiday Schedule!

Hey Everyone!

This is just a quick note to let you know our holiday schedule from now until the new year.


Wednesday, November 26: 10AM – 7PM (like usual, and we will have the books)

Thursday, November 27:  CLOSED

Friday-Saturday: 11:30AM-5PM like normal.


Wednesday, December 24: 10AM – 7PM (like usual, and we will have the books)

Thursday, December 25:  CLOSED

Friday-Saturday: 11:30AM-5PM like normal.


Wednesday, December 31: 10AM – 7PM (like usual, and we will have the books)

Thursday, January 1:  NOON – 5PM (say “hi” to Matt)

Friday-Saturday: 11:30AM-5PM like normal.

HOLIDAY SALES are coming starting on Wednesday, November 26. Details about that will be sent next week.

Have a great day everyone!

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Transitioning to a New System

Starting about a week or so ago, we have started bringing our new compucomputerter system online. Starting last week, we are using a point of sale system that should (eventually) know what books are in your subscription bin, and apply discounts and special sale prices automatically.

The customer base has been growing fairly steadily and I know that in the past few months that the juggling of the orders has become a little more difficult than usual. I have kept all the information on spreadsheets, and it works well … so long as I don’t forget to add stuff, or lose the paper I wrote it on, and so long as I don’t accidentally overwrite the file I saved everything on (2x in 2 years. Not horrible but not good).

To address this, I have purchased this comic book inventory/subscription/point of sale system. It is supplied by the company that distributes our comics (Diamond) and is meant to automate a lot of the functions that I have been doing by hand … plus a lot more – including emails to tell you what is waiting for you every week and hopefully more online information will be available on our website.

It is going to be very important – especially in these early days – to make sure we are ordering the books and special items you have requested. The computer doesn’t make the assumptions I sometimes do, and I might miss something that you might have wanted. We have the ability to add customer notes to every account, and I plan on using them to order books by artists, writers or characters that you always want (with your permission, of course).

Every week, I discover a little more flexibility and usefulness with this system, and it is my hope that it will make our customer service even better than the high standards we have always strived for.

So far, it’s working pretty well. But I do want to give everyone I can a heads up that this is going on. When we transferred the subscription data from the old system to the new, it is possible we made errors. It is more likely the error will be that a book you cancelled is on the list than a book you order was missed, but both things could happen. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience in this regard.

Thank you all as always, and I hope to see all y’all next week as the first of the DC Future’s End 3D comics arrive!

- Chuck

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Gaylon Bain Signing New Issue of Perdition’s Edge on Saturday, July 19

GaylonLocal Professional Artist and Rubber Mallet Comics customer Gaylon Bain will be signing copies of the newly released PERDITION’S EDGE #3 on Saturday, July 19. He will also be doing sketches and generally hanging out and being awesome at the store.

If you haven’t seen some of Gaylon’s awesome sketches, you are missing out. On free comic book day, he whipped up an incredible drawing of Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon and Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern (which is how it should have gone down). If you’ve been to the store, we have a few of his quick sketches adorning our art door by the back issues. 

For a very reasonable price, you can commission a sketch by a very talented artist, and you can watch him draw it before your very eyes! (All commission work goes 100% to Gaylon, of course)

Haven’t read PERDITION’S EDGE? Worry not, because we have all three issues in stock! All are also signed by Nathan Richardson, the writer of this western horror miniseries. 


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We are open today until 5PM

Just a reminder that the store is open until 5 today. Come on down!

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Normal Hours on July 4

I’ve had a few people ask me bout this…

Rubber Mallet Comics will be open from 11:30AM to 5 PM on July 4. If you have the day off, why not stop by?

All the fireworks happen after dark anyway! :)

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Dave Sim Called to say “Happy Birthday”


So, I’m getting super old tomorrow, and my buddy Matt Edwards arranged for Dave Sim to call me and wish me a happy birthday.

If you don’t know who Dave Sim is, well, then we need to talk. Dave Sim started a comic book called “Cerebus” in the golden age of independent comics — and kept going with a phenomenal 300 issues for the entire series.

The book was black and white with color covers, and what makes him different from independent creators of comics like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is that he did it all by himself. Well, he had help with the backgrounds from a guy called Gehard, but he didn’t just write and draw the bulk of the book, he took care of the whole printing and distribution business.

And he did most of it on time and he NEVER compromised quality.

He kept the whole story his. And while his book may not be for everyone, it was a treat and inspiration for me.

Nowadays, he has his hands in quite a few projects and will do a bit of work on covers or what-have-you. He is working on a new work that is a few years away (he just told me that! Scoop!) that could be artistically one of the biggest challenges of his life.

Dave Sim also was the first guy to pay me for my art. Back in the 90s, he was reprinting his books and was offering cash for a single page comic story (called “The Single Page”) and asked for submissions from all over. I did a very horrible little vanity strip about comic wish fulfillment and lo and behold I got a check in the mail. A few weeks later, I got a pile of Cerebus Church & State #25 WITH MY HORRIBLE COMIC STRIP IN IT!

Thus bolstered in artistic competence, I sent a comic strip idea to a local paper – AND THEY WENT FOR IT. For a pittance a week, I published “Drawing From Life” – a not as horrible vanity strip I drew for a year and a half. By that time, I got a job as Ad Compositor for the newpaper, and was eventually able to build that into a Technical Illustrator – a job I had for 14 years before starting the shop.

Anyway, I thought it was awesome! Thanks Dave! And Matt!

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Rubber Mallet Comics will be closed on Friday, May 9

Due to a scheduling conflict, we will be closed on Friday. Sorry about the short notice, but I was hoping I could figure something out before we leave for the DC Retailers Road Show. We will reopen Saturday as usual.

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